Sharing useful source text with other writers is part of the collaborative culture of IF, and Inform recognises this by providing facilities for writing and using extensions: they also contain documentation and, in many cases, examples of usage.

Extensions are identified by author and title, but can also have version numbers. See the Documentation for more.

Creative Commons License

Extensions published on this page have been made available by their authors under an Attribution Creative Commons licence. (Inform automatically ensures that authors are credited in works of IF using their extensions, which meets the Attribution requirement.)

Extensions are supported by their authors, rather than by the authors of Inform proper. If you would like to contribute an extension, please see the contribute section.

Below is a list of extension categories. Click through to see a list of the extensions in those categories. If you would like to keep track of these with a news feed reader such as Google Reader, there is an RSS feed available.

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Adaptive Prose Responses (0)
Varying What is Written (9)
Varying What is Read (4)
Using the Player's Input (4)
Non-standard User Interfaces (6)

Place Map (2)
Position Within Rooms (1)
Continuous Spaces and the Outdoors (5)
Doors, Staircases, and Bridges (1)
Passers-by, Weather and Astronomical Events (3)

Time and Plot The Passage of Time (3)
Event Scheduling (3)

The Viewpoint Character Characterization (3)
Background, Memory, and Knowledge (5)

Commands Looking (5)
Examining (2)
Looking Under and Hiding (1)
Inventory (3)
Going, Pushing things in Directions (3)
Entering and Exiting, Sitting and Standing (0)
Opening, Closing, Locking and Unlocking (3)
Additional Command Sets (8)
Remembering, Converting and Combining Actions (1)
Action at a Distance (0)
Alternate Default Messages (8)
Clarification and Correction (1)
Alternatives to Standard Parsing (2)

Other Characters Getting Started with Conversation (1)
Saying Complicated Things (5)
Character Emotion (0)
Characters Following a Script (1)
Traveling Characters (1)
Goal-Seeking Characters (3)

Game Systems Combat (1)
Magic (1)

Vehicles, Animals, and Furniture Bicycles, Cars, and Boats (1)
Ships, Trains, and Elevators (2)
Furniture (0)
Kitchen and Bathroom (0)

Props: Food, Clothing, Money, Toys, Books, Electronics Bags, Bottles, Boxes and Safes (2)
Clothing (1)
Telephones (1)
Computers (0)
Money (1)

Physics: Substances, Ropes, Energy and Weight Liquids (1)
Volume, Height, Weight (2)
Journals and Notebooks (0)
Connections and Attachments (0)

Numerical Effects and Programming Tools Randomness (3)
Mathematics (5)
Rulebook Manipulation (2)
Dynamic Memory Features (2)
Conditionals (2)

Out of World Actions and Effects Start-up Features (3)
Saving and Undoing (4)
Helping and Hinting (10)
Scoring (1)
Ending (0)
Map building (1) 1 new

Typography, Layout, and Multimedia Effects Screen Effects (General) (5)
Typography (11)
The Status Line (2)
Footnotes (0)
Menus (1)
Vorple Framework (0)
Glulx Multimedia Effects (General) (2)
Glulx Graphics (5)
Glulx Hyperlinks (4)
Glulx Sound (2)
Glimmr Framework (13)

Testing and Publishing Testing and Debugging (7)
Publishing (4)

Translations English (1)
French (1)
German (5)
Italian (9)
Spanish (1)
Swedish (1)