Teach with Inform

Inform has been used to teach reading, foreign languages, programming, history, game design, and new media theory to students at many levels, from elementary school through college and adult education.

Langley Middle School

Nels Bergquist's English class at Langley Middle School uses Inform for student projects.

Teacher Experiences

In addition to the papers and presentations linked here, some informal descriptions of teacher experiences with Inform can be found in the education category of our news section. If you would like to report your own experiences, please email Emily Short (emshort@mindspring.com).

Research Reports and Articles

Interactive Fiction: 'new literacy' learning opportunities for children, by Deborah Kozdras, Denise Marie Haunstetter, and James R. King (2006), E-Learning, 3(4), pp. 519-533.

Goethe's 'Elective Affinities' as E-Learning. Developing Exercises for German Classes in the Secondary School Level 2, by Wiebke Schwelgengraber, Mario Donick, and Franziska Schonfeld, presented at the E-Learning Baltics 2009 Conference.