Inform 7: The Program

Inform 7

Build 6F95

Graham Nelson

Inform 7 PDF
(180pp, 488KB)

The core compiler in a natural-language design system for interactive fiction.

Artistic License 2.0

Appendix A: The Standard Rules  (180pp, 488KB1 overfull hbox )  


This is the body of Inform 7 source text automatically included with every project compiled, and which defines most of what end users see as the Inform language.

SR0 - Preamble  (A/sr0: 4pp, 73KB)

File (398 lines) 

PDF (4pp, 73KB) 

The titling line and rubric, use options and a few other technicalities before the Standard Rules get properly started.

SR1 - Physical World Model  (A/sr1: 18pp, 177KB)

File (1098 lines) 

PDF (18pp, 177KB) 

Verbal descriptions of spatial relationships; the hierarchy of kinds of object, and their properties.

SR2 - Variables and Rulebooks  (A/sr2: 20pp, 139KB)

File (1261 lines) 

PDF (20pp, 139KB) 

The global variables and those built-in rulebooks which do not belong either to specific actions or to specific activities.

SR3 - Activities  (A/sr3: 12pp, 92KB)

File (670 lines) 

PDF (12pp, 92KB) 

The built-in activities and their default stock of rules; the locale description mechanism.

SR4 - Actions  (A/sr4: 78pp, 171KB)

File (3099 lines) 

PDF (78pp, 171KB) 

The standard stock of actions supplied with Inform, along with the rules which define them; and the Understand grammar which corresponds to them.

SR5 - Phrase Definitions  (A/sr5: 47pp, 150KB)

File (2348 lines) 

PDF (47pp, 150KB) 

The phrases making up the Inform language, and in terms of which all other phrases and rules are defined; and the final sign-off of the Standard Rules extension, including its minimal documentation.

This is a "web", a term invented by Donald Knuth in the early 1980s for a program written according to the heavily annotated literate programming dogma. For more on "inweb", visit the Inform 7 project.