I6N (I6 for I7)

The Inform 6 compiler used by Inform 7

The program now called Inform is actually Inform 7. The first six versions were all old-school compilers for a C-like programming language. This has not been abandoned - it lives on inside today's natural-language Inform as a code generator.

Component: I6N

Maintainer: David Kinder

Licence: Copyright 1993-2010 by Graham Nelson; published under the original Inform licence (see the Inform Designer's Manual, fourth edition, 2001), or under the Artistic License 2.0, at the user's choice

Language: ANSI C

Current version: At the time of writing, the version of Inform 6 used by Inform 7 is Inform 6.32. While it's sometimes necessary for Inform 7 to use a version of Inform 6 with a few patches (for example, to keep up with recently-added features of the Glulx virtual machine), at present this isn't the case: we are using Inform 6.32 with no patches.

Download: inform6.zip

If you're brave, you can also get the very latest bleeding-edge source code for Inform 6 at the Inform 6 GitHub page.