New Windows build of 6G60

Since the release of Inform 7 6G60 quite a few bugs have been fixed in the Windows front-end, and a few new features added. As a result, a new Windows build has been released. (Note that this only affects the Windows front-end: the compiler itself is unchanged).

What’s been changed:

* Elastic tabstops are now available as an option in the Format menu. When elastic tabstops are enabled, tabstops are automatically sized so that columns in tables line up.

* The font settings are now respected in the HTML based panes (that is, the index, errors and documentation) when Internet Explorer 9 is installed.

* There is now a Headings sub-menu under the Edit menu, which matches the similarly named sub-menu on OS X.

* The front-end attempts to sensibly replace spaces with tabs in text that is pasted or dropped on the source tab: if a table is detected its elements are separated by tabs, and leading spaces are also converted to tabs.

* The Glulx interpreters in the game tab now support the additions to Glk in versions 0.7.1, 0.7.2 and 0.7.3 of the Glk specification.