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New Resources for Teaching With Inform

We’ve just updated the teaching resource pages with several new entries, including:

Winning Fafnir’s Gold: Teaching with Digital Game-based Fiction, presented by Christopher Fee at Quinnipiac University. (Video, running time 1:16:02.) Professor Fee shares his experiences with game-based teaching using a multimedia, interactive fiction tool that he created and continues to develop. Fee’s teaching approach is applicable to a wide range of disciplines and involves the nexus between student reading and writing, instructor digital asset management, and the shared pedagogical goal of student engagement.

Student-designed text-based simulation games for learning history: A practical approach to using Inform 7 in the history classroom, by Jeremiah McCall. Discusses assignments and practices for teaching history with IF in the ninth-grade classroom.

Articles in Computer Assisted Language Learning and Educational Technology Research and Development on testing the effectiveness of IF for teaching language and literature concepts. (Warning: these are journal articles behind a paywall, so may require access from an academic library or else for pay.)