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Inform 6.32

To go with Inform 7 6G60, there is a new maintenance release of Inform 6: Inform 6.32. This contains various fixes and support for new Glulx opcodes.

The release notes, source and binaries (current only Windows) can be downloaded from the Inform 6 page at the IF-Archive.

6G60 now for Windows

6G60 for Windows is now available from the download page.

Inform 6G60

…is now available for Mac, with builds for other platforms to follow.

The chief change of note is the extensive revision to the World Index. Mapping is now considerably more robust and offers more authorial control over presentation; several Uservoice requests about indexing were fulfilled at the same time.

A fuller description (with pictures!) is available here.

Other minor changes may be found in the change log.