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ATTACK combat extension

Victor Gijsbers has recently released ATTACK, a major new combat module for Inform. He writes:

Inform ATTACK is an extension for Inform 7 that adds tactical RPG-like combat to interactive fiction games. ATTACK has been designed on three principles: success in combat should be the result of smart and daring tactical decisions, not just a matter of luck; the combat system should be easily customisable; and it should be possible to create interesting prose based on what happens during combat.

ATTACK comes with six built-in combat actions (attacking, parrying, dodging, concentrating, readying a weapon, and reloading a weapon); an initiative system that decides whose turn it is based, among other things, on the results of previous combat actions; a flexible system of factions that allows you to fine-tune and change on the spot who will attack whom; a powerful and easily customisable set of AI rulebooks that allow NPCs to make tactically informed decisions about which action to take against whom using which weapon; and a weapon kind with several predefined properties.

As an author, you could include ATTACK — without worrying too much about the details of the system — if you want to have one or two battle scenes to spice up an otherwise non-violent adventure. Alternatively, you could dive into the system and utilise its power to create a diverse and entertaining combat game.

The extension comes with a short example game and an extensive 77-page manual.

ATTACK is available from Victor’s website. It is not on Inform’s extension page because the author has chosen a different license for his work than the Creative Commons license attached to extensions we host; be sure to read the licensing instructions.