Creating Interactive Fiction with Inform 7

Aaron Reed’s book Creating Interactive Fiction with Inform 7 ( has just been released. Something of a spiritual successor to The Inform Beginner’s Guide for I6, Aaron’s
book takes new users through the design, construction, and testing of a single large example story called Sand-dancer. Rather than endeavoring to be a feature-complete reference manual, the focus is on quickly learning how to tell stories using core I7 concepts like relations and activities. Exercises invite readers to test their knowledge by building optional parts of the example story.

The book is up to date with Inform: both technically (it’s compatible with release 6E72 and uses no deprecated features) and in spirit, mirroring the shift in nomenclature from “game” to “story” that took place in recent updates. Focusing on contemporary IF design, the book spends little time on traditional adventure game tropes like locked doors, score, and mapmaking, and uses examples mostly from works created in the last few years.

The 448-page book contains a full glossary and index, a foreword by Don Woods (co-author of Adventure) and a closing thought by Richard Bartle (creator of the MUD). It’s available now from Cengage Learning and major online retailers.