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6E72 now for Windows, Linux CLI

6E72 for Windows and Linux CLI are now available from the download page.

6E72 on Mac OS 10.4 and 10.5

Unfortunately, there appears to be an issue in the IDE under pre-10.6 versions of the Mac OS, such that Inform refuses to run the compiled game in the IDE or to release it properly. This appears to be intermittent and has a workaround (closing a newly-made project and opening it again) under 10.5; in one case on a PPC for 10.4, the workaround does not work.

For more background on this issue, see these Mantis reports: 1 2. When an updated version of the Mac OS IDE becomes available, we will announce the replacement here.

6E72 Maintenance Release

The Mac OS X version of Inform release 6E72 is now available, to be followed by versions for other platforms. This version offers no new features, but fixes a number of bugs from the 6E59 release that were deemed critical or serious. (Some bugs considered mild or cosmetic remain.)

The change log lists the bugs fixed, and more detail about them can be found at the bug tracking site.