6E59: Phrasebook Index


One substantial change to Inform release 6E59 is the improvement to the Phrasebook tab of the index. The new version has been substantially redesigned so that each phrase expands to a detailed description of syntax, linked to an equivalent portion of the manual.

This is a partial attempt to address the ongoing desire for better reference documentation in Inform 7.

For the time being, we have not updated the plain text “syntax document” that accompanies Inform to account for the syntax of 6E59. One reason for that is time — it would need some hours of work to be brought in line with the new build, and the document maintainer is over-extended — but the other reason is that we are hoping to discover whether the Phrasebook can usefully take over some of the work that the syntax document has done in the past. Obviously, it won’t handle everything — the syntax document addresses assertions as well as phrases, and assertion formats are not discussed in the Phrasebook. On the other hand, the Phrasebook is automatically generated, reliably thorough, and directly linked into the documentation — features the syntax document can’t copy. So we are hoping to move towards improving Inform’s indexing and documentation, rather than continuing to produce syntax documents indefinitely.

Suggestions concerning this — the usefulness of the Phrasebook, and any other elements that might be needed — can helpfully go on the uservoice forum.