6E59: Fragility issues in the new build

As several people have discovered, release 6E59 produces a Code 10 compilation error on some (not all) large Windows (not Mac, and not to the best of our knowledge Linux) projects. Particularly vulnerable are builds with large numbers of duplicate objects.

As this is a mission-critical issue, a replacement build will likely be posted as soon as reasonably possible after the bug is found and dealt with. Those interested in tracking progress on the bug, or able to contribute more information, may find the details here.

This is not related to the problem that the original upload of 6E59 failed on pre-Intel Macs due to a lack of universal binary tools. That issue has already been resolved and a new version posted, so if you are encountering that issue, you may fix it by re-downloading 6E59 for the Mac. The new version has not received a change of build number because there was no change to the core functionality of Inform, only to the format of the included tools.