Mantis bug tracker

Inform now has a public bug-tracking system, to be found at

The tracker follows several different projects: when you log in and create a new bug report, you will be asked to choose whether your bug applies to

  • Core Inform. This will be the most common category, applying to errors in Inform’s compilation and gameplay behavior.
  • Built-in extensions — errors found in the extensions bundled with Inform, including the Glulx support extensions, Locksmith, Plurality, et al. This does not apply to extensions by third parties: errors in those extensions should be reported directly to the extension authors, as previously.
  • Documentation, Examples, and Website. This is the place to report errata in the supporting documents, from typos on up to misinformation.
  • IDEs. There are three subcategories here, for reporting problems specific to the IDE for each platform.
  • Inweb. This is for reporting problems with the inweb system, and is likely not to concern most standard users of Inform.

When filing bugs for the Core Inform project, please remember to choose an Effect: this corresponds to the check boxes on the old bug form. Each effect also lists the suggested Severity for bugs of that type.

Those who would prefer the old method of submitting a bug report by email may still do so, by sending a bug report form to

bugs at inform7 dot com