ZMPP now with Glulx

Wei-ju Wu announces his progress on a browser-based interpreter for Glulx, which includes the ability to display images:

I spent the majority of April’s evenings to implement the Glulx/Glk
part of ZMPP’s second revision and just wanted to share the current
progress, as I reached an important milestone – running “Alabaster”:

I hope it works for you and you find it useful or amusing in one way
or another :-)

It was running for me when testing on:
- Mac Safari
- Linux Firefox (Ubuntu Lucid Lynx, OpenJDK/IcedTea), Windows Firefox
- Windows IE (with Sun/Oracle Java Plugin)

Yes, it’s again a Java applet based interpreter. ZMPP is not
necessarily specialized on Applet/Desktop, but it’s the quickest for
me to implement.

Some points that you might find interesting:
- It is now completely written in Scala
- I only ran “Risorgimento Represso” and “Alabaster” so far
- Since “Alabaster” is such an extreme case in terms of the sheer
amount of instructions that gets thrown at the interpreter (especially
when accelfuncs are not supported), it was the perfect game to test
with. Besides, it was fun, playing and reading through it.

I apologize for the quirks that might and will arise (like positioning
the mouse pointer inside the input window) – I decided against
extensive polishing and instead sticking to my timeline.