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Change Log for the Next Build

Today is Inform’s 17th birthday. It’s traditional for big new releases of
Inform to come out on its birthday (Inform 6 came out on its 3rd birthday,
Inform 7 on its 13th). Sometimes we’re a little early, as in 2009, and
sometimes a little late. This year we’re running late: a candidate build is
with a group of testers, but it will take another couple of weeks to finish
testing and deal with the issues found. We promised to post the change log
today, though, and here it is. (The long, long itemised list of bug fixes
has been removed, to keep this document to a reasonable size.)

Graham Nelson
28 April 2010

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EGC Paper Chase

EGC Paper Chase is a new IF game about gaming and education, and Penn State’s program in particular:

This game was conceived of and built by the Penn State Educational Gaming Commons to illustrate the origins of modern computer games, and to introduce some of the hotter spring 2010 education technologies, such as cloud computing and gesture-aware devices.

April development update

The next version of Inform 7 is nearly ready. On April 28th, a full change log will be posted, and the download link for the new release will be posted that day or shortly after.

The new build tidies up the user interface and makes it easier to publish Inform works to the web, including the ability to release to a website containing a fully working copy of the story which plays in a browser via the Parchment interpreter. The Inform language has many restrictions removed, and becomes more expressive in talking about kinds, phrases, relations and so on. More than 250 bug reports have been closed, and the Standard Rules have been rewritten to make the default behaviour of some of the everyday actions a little closer to what today’s authors normally want (automatically opening doors, handling TAKE ALL more naturally, and so on).