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“Goethe’s ‘Elective Affinities’ as E-Learning”

Mario Donick writes:

Attached is a small (222 KB) research paper written by me, one of my co-workers at Rostock University and one of my students. Its title is:

“Goethe’s ‘Elective Affinities’ as E-Learning. Developing Exercises for German Classes in the Secondary School Level 2″

The system described in this paper is basically IF and currently in development, using Inform 7 with the German extension (which is developed by Christian Bluemke).

…The paper has been presented today at the e-Learning Baltics 2009 conference and it is published in the conference proceedings (pp. 17–26).

Jim Aikin’s Inform Handbook completed

Jim Aikin reports that version 1.00 of his The Inform 7 Handbook is now available.

Zoom 1.1.4 Released

Courtesy of Andrew Hunter:

The Mac OS X interpreter Zoom 1.1.4 has been released.

This is primarily a maintenance release, with various bugfixes accumulated over the last year and updates to the interpreters. It has one major new feature: you can now choose which Glulx interpreter to use in the preferences – either the faster git or the reference glulxe.