Git Version 1.2.4

Iain Merrick has released version 1.2.4 of Git, his direct threaded interpreter for the Glulx virtual machine. Glulx is one of the two VMs on which Inform-written works of IF can be played – the other is the more traditional Z-machine, which can only handle smaller works; authors can choose which they want to use with the Settings panel in Inform. Git is generally faster than the reference implementation for Glulx, called Glulxe, and version 1.2.4 adds support for the new “Inform veneer acceleration” opcodes recently added to the Glulx specification, which makes it *much* faster still.

The speed gains are only realised when a story file is played back on v1.2.4 or later of git, so we’d ask all interpreter writers using git to upgrade as soon as possible. The speed gains also only show for a story file produced by Inform release 5Z71 or later, so authors of existing IF works which feel a little slow at present might want to re-release them using the new 5Z71.

There are details posted on RAIF.