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  00019727 mattweiner[Core Inform]
Spacing and printing
serious(serious/mild) Game compiles but misbehavesnew2016-11-28printing with an indirect article double-calls text substitution and can yield incorrect indefinite article
  0001970  mattweiner[Core Inform]
serious(serious/mild) Game compiles but misbehavesnew2016-11-21understading by property interferes with understanding by relation
  00019651 zarf[Core Inform]
Kinds and type checking
mild(serious/mild) Game compiles but misbehavesnew2016-10-27When defining a kind-of-object via table, properties are misplaced
  00019641 FictitiousFrode[Core Inform]
Rules and rulebooks
mild(serious) Compiler rejects valid codeconfirmed2016-10-19§19.13. Rulebooks producing values: An action based rulebook creation fails
  00019621 xexeo[All Inform front-end applications]
Installation and Platform Issues
critical resolved (DavidK)2016-10-14Project used on Macintosh now crashes when opened
  0001963  otistdog[Documentation, Examples, and Web Site]
Writing with Inform
mild new2016-10-14Outdated information in WWI on "printing the name of something" activity
  00019612 curiousdannii[Documentation, Examples, and Web Site]
Writing with Inform
mild new2016-10-13Docs don't mention that Inform won't check if floating point numbers are supported
  00019571 curiousdannii[Windows Inform application]
User Interface
mild resolved (DavidK)2016-10-13IDE terp does not handle PNG images with gamma
  0001960  allensocket[Documentation, Examples, and Web Site] Site
mild site has no mention of December 2015 release of 6M62
  00019594 FictitiousFrode[Core Inform]
serious(serious/mild) Game compiles but misbehavesnew2016-10-11Turn counter for scene start sometimes mis-counts
  00018951 vlaviano[Mac OS X Inform application]
Installation and Platform Issues
serious resolved (toby)2016-10-08Mac IDE closes project when switching away from story panel after compiling to glulx (10.6.8-only?)
  00019582 mattweiner[Documentation, Examples, and Web Site]
Writing with Inform
mild confirmed2016-10-06WwI §6.14 contains an invalid code snippet
  00010948 zarf[Inform 6]
mild resolved (DavidK)2016-10-01Replacing a recursive function causes absurdity
  00017795 zarf[Inform 6]
mild resolved (DavidK)2016-10-01Feature: #origsource directive
  00016884 dfremont[Inform 6]
serious resolved (DavidK)2016-10-01Compiler error on returning empty parentheses
  00019564 FictitiousFrode[Core Inform]
serious(serious/mild) Game compiles but misbehavesnew2016-10-01Running through a list and removing entries lead to not iterating over all items
  00019378 zarf[Inform 6]
mild resolved (DavidK)2016-09-29Clean up platform section of header.h
  000193410 DavidG[Inform 6]
mild resolved (DavidK)2016-09-25"double-free or corruption" error when complaining about an undeclared constant.
  00019542 FictitiousFrode[Core Inform]
mild(cosmetic) Error message is badly wordedconfirmed2016-09-22Inconcise error message when checking for relations to non-existing nouns
  00019335 DavidG[Inform 6]
serious resolved (DavidK)2016-09-19Unicode escape for at-sign @{0040} causes trouble for Glulx output
  00019511 climbingstars[Core Inform]
Phrases and functional programming
mild(serious/mild) Game compiles but misbehavesconfirmed2016-09-18"Only understood as far as" error can include an extra word
  00019501 climbingstars[Core Inform]
Phrases and functional programming
mild(serious/mild) Game compiles but misbehavesnew2016-09-18Wrong phrase is chosen when it has the wrong case (if the phrase starts with "the").
  00019523 climbingstars[Core Inform]
Phrases and functional programming
mild(serious/mild) Game compiles but misbehavesnew2016-09-18Inform fails to recognise a direction as a fresh command after a disambiguation prompt.
  00019031 ajmako[Windows Inform application]
User Interface
mild resolved (DavidK)2016-09-17Comment out selection and Uncomment selection inconsistencies
  00018731 Tristano[Windows Inform application]
Installing Extensions
serious resolved (DavidK)2016-09-06Public Library Extension Downloader: over 8000 extensions download!
  0001947  DavidK[Documentation, Examples, and Web Site] Site
mild new2016-09-06Public Library page doesn't correctly update download buttons at the bottom after downloading extensions
  00019463 FictitiousFrode[Core Inform]
cosmetic(serious) Compiler rejects valid codenew2016-09-04Inconsistent iterating over entire kinds
  0001944  MattD[Core Inform]
serious(serious/mild) Game compiles but misbehavesnew2016-08-30Writing a table containing a list of numbers to file then reading back in corrupts table
  00019434 FictitiousFrode[Core Inform]
Rules and rulebooks
serious(serious) Compiler rejects valid codeconfirmed2016-08-30Unable to follow value based rules directly
  00019414 FictitiousFrode[Core Inform]
Assertions and creations
mild(serious) Compiler rejects valid codeconfirmed2016-08-26Using a kind of value as unnamed property prevents the use of the value in named global variables
  00019401 dhakajack[Core Inform]
critical(critical) Compiler reports internal errorconfirmed2016-08-21Abject "parse tree broken" error with table column named "topic"
  0001939  ksignorini[Mac OS X Inform application]
User Interface
mild new2016-08-20Unable to clear recent projects list in Mac Inform IDE
  00019381 FictitiousFrode[Core Inform]
Source text and punctuation
mild(critical) Compiler reports internal errornew2016-08-03Semicolon instead of colon in repeat construct causes code 10 fault in compiler
  00018372 dfremont[Core Inform]
Phrases and functional programming
critical(critical) Compiler crashesconfirmed2016-08-03Crash on wrongly-terminated if phrase
  00019352 mattweiner[Core Inform]
Equations, units, arithmetic
mild(serious/mild) Game compiles but misbehavesconfirmed2016-07-27totals of real-numbered specified units are wrong
  00019321 DavidG[Documentation, Examples, and Web Site]
Bug Tracker Site
mild new2016-07-27Inform6 bug reports only go as high as version 6.32
  00019312 jmcgrew[Core Inform]
Testing commands
mild(serious) Compiler rejects valid codeconfirmed2016-07-25Extension projects don't test examples with author names
  00019301 zarf[Core Inform]
mild(mild) Compiler accepts invalid codenew2016-07-23Matching topic via table causes a memory access error
  00019164 Akien[Inform 6]
mild resolved (DavidK)2016-07-12Compiler: Add support for extending and not replacing the Include_directory
  00018875 zarf[Inform 6]
mild resolved (DavidK)2016-07-12Support emoji in @{...} escapes
  00019281 vlaviano[Core Inform]
Testing commands
cosmetic(cosmetic) Error message is badly wordedconfirmed2016-07-05Missing paragraph break after output of "abstract" I6-level debug command
  0001927  bradleycbuchanan[Documentation, Examples, and Web Site]
Writing with Inform
mild new2016-06-26Section 14.6: Example with unexpected adapted verb
  0001926  bradleycbuchanan[Documentation, Examples, and Web Site]
Writing with Inform
mild new2016-06-26Section 14.4: Pluralization mistake in example text?
  00019232 mattweiner[Core Inform]
Source text and punctuation
mild(mild) Inform 6 reports errors for invalid codenew2016-06-22I7 compiler error 11 on mispunctuated phrase involving regular expressions
  00019241 mattweiner[Core Inform]
serious(serious/mild) Game compiles but misbehavesnew2016-06-22text substitution with "item described" in indefinite article gets called for a room when looking
  00019044 ASchultz[Core Inform]
mild(critical) Compiler crashesconfirmed2016-06-17duplicate-named (with dash) tables causes crash
  0001922  mattweiner[Core Inform]
Equations, units, arithmetic
mild(serious/mild) Game compiles but misbehavesconfirmed2016-06-16order of trigonometry operations is wrong, even in an equation
  00019151 mattweiner[Core Inform]
Assertions and creations
cosmetic(cosmetic) Error message is badly wordedconfirmed2016-06-07unhelpful error message produced when the player is declared to be carrying scenery
  00019192 Angstsmurf[Core Inform]
Testing commands
serious(serious) Compiler rejects valid codeconfirmed2016-06-05Testing commands holding multiple objects won't compile
  0001918  zarf[Core Inform]
Releasing, bibliographic data, cBlorb
mild(serious/mild) Game compiles but misbehavesnew2016-05-31"Release along with an interpreter and an existing story file" doesn't work
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