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  0001432  eevee[Gnome Inform application]
User Interface
serious acknowledged (pchimento)2014-10-08Severe X pixmap leak when running a Glulx story
  00014081 zarf[Documentation, Examples, and Web Site] Site
mild confirmed2014-09-07Plain-text manuals are double-UTF8-encoded
  00013661 DavidG[I6 Library]
mild assigned (DavidG)2014-08-21Incomplete input is interrupted when the player turns on TRACE before answering the disambiguation question
  00013575 climbingstars[CocoaGlk]
Spacing and printing
serious new2014-08-17Fixed width spacing is not honoured for certain Unicode characters
  00012763 NRTurner[Documentation, Examples, and Web Site] Site
mild acknowledged2014-05-11MS Internet Explorer downloads changes EPUB as a ZIP file
  00012721 hlship[IDEs]
User Interface
serious confirmed2014-05-09Last line of quotation does not appear
  0001269  mef[Documentation, Examples, and Web Site]
Writing with Inform
mild new2014-05-09Request: Kindle version of epub docset?
  0000536  EmacsUser[CocoaGlk]
Installation and Platform Issues
mild acknowledged2014-03-24In-IDE interpreter shows unbounded growth in memory use delivering timer events
  0000918  EmacsUser[CocoaGlk]
User Interface
mild new2014-03-24Cannot select last character of a line in the in-IDE interpreter without also selecting the newline
  00009922 zarf[CocoaGlk]
Installation and Platform Issues
mild confirmed2014-03-24glk_stream_open_memory appears to leak memory (CocoaGlk)
  0000819  EmacsUser[CocoaGlk]
User Interface
mild new2014-03-24In-IDE interpreter chooses key window incorrectly
  0000961  EmacsUser[CocoaGlk]
User Interface
serious new2014-03-24NSViews for Glk windows can separate from the main view hierarchy, making the story invisible
  0000909  curiousdannii[Documentation, Examples, and Web Site] Site
serious assigned (markm)2014-01-19Website fails to process extension
  00011581 EmacsUser[Inweb]
mild new2013-12-25P/man does not mention Inweb's expectation that all structure members have distinct names
  0001162  EmacsUser[Inweb]
mild new2013-12-25inweb doesn't check assumptions about structure member names unless tangling C for Inform with strict usage rules
  00011375 RowenBartax[Gnome Inform application]
User Interface
mild feedback2013-11-13Embedded interpreter is slow
  00009491 dg[Documentation, Examples, and Web Site] Site
serious acknowledged2013-10-31ARM binary for Inform compiler does not run
  0000783  EmacsUser[IDEs]
Installation and Platform Issues
mild new2011-10-24CLI Inform does not invoke cBlorb unless blorbing is requested.
  0000403  salty-horse[Documentation, Examples, and Web Site] Site
cosmetic confirmed2010-11-13Incorrect indentation in anthology page
  0000391  EmacsUser[Documentation, Examples, and Web Site] Site
cosmetic confirmed2010-11-06Malformed table at [^]
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