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  00002592 spamalot[Documentation, Examples, and Web Site]
Bug Tracker Site
mild resolved (jmcgrew)2010-10-30List of HTML tags and other markup allowed in Mantis
  0002091  ardimaster[Mac OS X Inform application]
Installation and Platform Issues
mild new2019-02-16Compilers are 32-bit
  0002090  zeborah[Core Inform]
mild(serious/mild) Game compiles but misbehavesnew2019-02-10Listing group size with duplicates
  00020762 autumnontape[Gnome Inform application]
Installation and Platform Issues
serious acknowledged (pchimento)2019-01-30segfault when trying to stop or restart the integrated interpreter
  0002089  curtisc[Documentation, Examples, and Web Site]
Bug Tracker Site
mild new2019-01-13Bug Tracker Site / Report page lacks a profile for Windows 10
  0002088  curtisc[Documentation, Examples, and Web Site] Site
mild new2019-01-13Broken link on "site inventory" page
  0002087  lizzard[Core Inform]
mild(critical) Compiler crashesnew2019-01-13Objects in tables can't start with a number
  0002086  otistdog[Core Inform]
mild(serious/mild) Game compiles but misbehavesnew2019-01-02Default generated plural of "human" is "humen" instead of "humans"
  00020851 mattweiner[Core Inform]
serious(serious) Compiler rejects valid codenew2018-12-17the adjective "empty" defined for containers cannot be used before a specific thing name in source text
  00020831 Eleas[Core Inform]
cosmetic(serious/mild) Game compiles but misbehavesnew2018-12-16Containers holding concealed items do not show the " (empty)" detail text.
  0002084  mattweiner[Core Inform]
cosmetic(cosmetic) Error message is badly wordednew2018-12-14understanding something by a thing-valued property yields a misleading error message
  00020801 DrFell[Core Inform]
Assertions and creations
cosmetic(mild) Compiler accepts invalid codenew2018-12-04too many synonyms for z8 causes compiler failure
  0002077  Skinny Mike[Core Inform]
Rules and rulebooks
mild(serious/mild) Game compiles but misbehavesnew2018-12-03trouble with getting a rule and/or rulebook to return a list of numbers
  00020822 Spike[Core Inform]
Equations, units, arithmetic
mild(serious/mild) Game compiles but misbehavesconfirmed2018-11-23Trying to print the minimum integer in words instead prints nothing at all
  0002001  DavidG[Documentation, Examples, and Web Site]
Bug Tracker Site
mild confirmed (jmcgrew)2018-11-19Email messages from Mantis have Return-Path: set to
  0002065  lpsmith[Documentation, Examples, and Web Site] Site
mild new2018-11-19The extensions on the Inform 7 web site are woefully out of date
  0002081  Eleas[Documentation, Examples, and Web Site]
The Recipe Book
mild new2018-11-14"Change" construct from manual isn't recognized.
  00020791 unclesporky[Core Inform]
mild(serious/mild) Game compiles but misbehavesnew2018-10-16Object excluded from "drop all" is thrown at itself instead
  00020781 unclesporky[Core Inform]
mild(serious/mild) Game compiles but misbehavesnew2018-10-15Unexpected output: object's animate/inanimate property evaluated before "before doing anything"
  00020463 turthalion[I6 Library]
serious resolved (DavidG)2018-09-12"undo" after replay input crashes Glulx interpreter
  00020414 turthalion[I6 Library]
cosmetic resolved (DavidG)2018-09-12Extra space with default "no more room" message in a full container.
  00020736 Eleas[Core Inform]
cosmetic(serious/mild) Game compiles but misbehavesnew2018-09-11Both examine containers and examine supporters rules inconsistent when contents are concealed
  00020751 mattweiner[Core Inform]
Equations, units, arithmetic
serious(serious/mild) Game compiles but misbehavesconfirmed2018-09-10multiplying a multi-part unit by a real number yields absurd results
  00020722 Eleas[Core Inform]
Phrases and functional programming
mild(serious/mild) Game compiles but misbehavesconfirmed2018-09-06Truth state properties accessed without specifier ("the x" rather than "the x of [thing]) always return true
  00020672 lpsmith[Core Inform]
mild(serious/mild) Game compiles but misbehavesnew2018-09-02Extending 'show' to work for any visible noun creates infinite loop. Probably
  00020683 lpsmith[Core Inform]
mild(serious) Compiler rejects valid codeconfirmed2018-09-02'instead' rule requires 'something' instead of 'it'
  0002070  jeremy[Core Inform]
Source text and punctuation
mild(critical) Compiler reports internal errornew2018-08-31error in source text and indentation for "repeat with" causes compiler error 11
  00020692 CJGidman[Documentation, Examples, and Web Site]
mild confirmed2018-08-09Example 376 "Complimentary Peanuts" Produces a Run-Time Error
  00020661 lpsmith[Core Inform]
Spacing and printing
mild(serious/mild) Game compiles but misbehavesnew2018-07-29'Sentence case' surprisingly de-capitalizes proper nouns
  00020643 zarf[Inform 6]
mild new2018-07-19Include directive should be case-insensitive
  00020632 CJGidman[Core Inform]
mild(serious/mild) Game compiles but misbehavesnew2018-07-16Privately Named object appears when no object specified
  0002026  mattweiner[Core Inform]
cosmetic(cosmetic) Error message is badly wordednew2018-07-14Error message for missing extensions points to
  0002059  B. Desilets[Documentation, Examples, and Web Site] Site
mild confirmed2018-07-08Two Problems With Teaching Resources
  00020621 zarf[Core Inform]
Kinds and type checking
mild(serious/mild) Game compiles but misbehavesnew2018-07-04"best route" and "number of moves" don't work on things
  00020611 hakim[Core Inform]
serious(serious/mild) Game compiles but misbehavesnew2018-06-24When declaring a thing with kind, relationships declared in sub-clause are reversed.
  000202517 PO8[Core Inform]
Releasing, bibliographic data, cBlorb
critical(critical) Compiler crashesconfirmed2018-06-09ni crashes trying to get time of day on latest Linux kernels
  00018431 fundin[Core Inform]
mild(serious) Compiler rejects valid codeconfirmed2018-05-28Property names containing the word "of" are sometimes misparsed, depending on unrelated code
  00020601 DrFell[Core Inform]
mild(serious) Compiler rejects valid codeconfirmed2018-05-28namespace clash between activity and action
  00020582 Marc[Core Inform]
serious(serious/mild) Game compiles but misbehavesconfirmed2018-05-06Multiple "take all" in an empty room causes a "Too many activities are going on at once." error.
  00019973 aaronbp[Gnome Inform application]
Installation and Platform Issues
mild assigned (pchimento)2018-04-22Gnome IDE should use a newer webkit
  00020524 turthalion[I6 Library]
serious resolved (DavidG)2018-04-16Inform library calls "after" rule when a container is inserted in an unopened container
  00020571 DavidG[Documentation, Examples, and Web Site] Site
serious is not using SSL/TLS
  00020561 skaufman[Mac OS X Inform application]
User Interface
serious new2018-03-09Runtime error loading external preference file -- I7 build 6M62
  0002055  DrFell[Documentation, Examples, and Web Site]
Writing with Inform
mild new2018-02-28Code in WwI uses obsolete phrase
  00020541 DrFell[Core Inform]
mild(serious/mild) Game compiles but misbehavesconfirmed2018-02-27Properties of generic objects not assigned correctly
  0002053  DrFell[Documentation, Examples, and Web Site]
Writing with Inform
mild new2018-02-24Misleading comment on specifying a unit taking real number values
  0002050  NYKevin[Core Inform]
mild(mild) Compiler accepts invalid codenew2018-02-06You can compare descriptions for equality, but there is no correct way to do that.
  0002048  interfect[Core Inform]
Spacing and printing
mild(serious) Compiler rejects valid codenew2018-02-04The sayable [its] does not work on Linux
  00020421 rockwalrus[Core Inform]
mild(serious/mild) Game compiles but misbehavesnew2018-01-16Can't use parsed value in when clause for understand as a thing.
  0002047  rockwalrus[Core Inform]
Assertions and creations
serious(serious) Compiler rejects valid codenew2018-01-05Names created in assembly are ungrammatical when the parent object is plural-named.
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