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0000577Core InformIndexingpublic2011-02-20 15:012014-09-15 17:34
Assigned Tograham 
Platformx86OSMac OS XOS Version10.6
Product Version6G60 
Target VersionFixed in Version6L02 
Summary0000577: Missing "Index" directory in .inform project causes ni compiler to error out

1. Create a new Inform 7 project ("Test", say). Enter any minimal code, save. Close the project.
2. Remove the directory Test.inform/Index
3. Open Test.inform
4. Attempt to compile.

Expected result: The directory "Index" and contents are recreated.

Actual result:

Error: Translating the Source - Failed

More details and progress output in addtl. info.


If Preferences : Advanced : Cleaning : "Clean Build Files" and "Also clean out index files" are both checked, opening, closing, and then re-opening the project will create a missing Index directory.

If not, any valid Index directory (in fact, only the "Headings.xml" file needs be present) can be copied into the project, and Inform will gracefully throw it away and create a new valid index.

Failed workarounds:

Simply creating the Index directory, or creating the Index directory and a blank Headings.xml, do not produce a workaround.

(My apologies if the category and/or effect are set sub-optimally.)
Minimal Source Text To Reproduce
This is a room.
Additional Information(...)

When a program like the I7 compiler fails, it typically returns an error number: this time, the number was 2, so I7 probably stopped because of a fatal file-system error.


Progress output:

Launching: ni "-rules" "/Applications/" "-package" "/Users/vimes/Source/if/Test.inform" "-extension=z8" "-log"
Inform 7 build 6G60 has started.
I've now read your source text, which is 9 words long.
++ 0% (Lexical analysis)
++ 5% (Semantic analysis)
I've also read Standard Rules by Graham Nelson, which is 39455 words long.
Can't open headings file
Offending filename: </Users/vimes/Source/if/Test.inform/Index/Headings.xml>

Compiler finished with code 2
TagsNo tags attached.
Effect(critical) Compiler crashes
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related to 0000541closed Mac OS X Inform application Source will not compile if Index folder/files missing? 

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graham (administrator)
2011-10-07 12:33

I think it's arguable that people who take deliberate steps to damage the interior of an Inform project bundle deserve what they get, but on balance, I agree: the preferred behaviour is just to repair the thing with the silent patience of a saint. Inform now does this.
curiousdannii (developer)
2014-09-15 17:34

A late comment Graham, but removing the Index and Build folders is a convention when using a source code control system like Git. Anything which is produced by the compiler and which changes frequently shouldn't be included in a git repository, or else you end up with a situation where 90% of your commit changes are metadata.

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