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0000057Core InformRules and rulebookspublic2010-06-17 21:532010-07-01 23:07
Assigned Tograham 
Platformx86OSMac OS XOS Version10.5
Product Version6E59 
Target VersionFixed in Version6E72 
Summary0000057: Requesting an actor to end the story results in an ``unable to do that'' message.
DescriptionI am not sure if this is intended behavior or not. Adding ``rule succeeds'' or ``rule fails'' to the carry out rule affects the return value of the appropriate I6 routine in the expected way, but the story always has the behavior below: printing ``unable to do that.'' This is nice for portraying death as impatient, but less useful when we want a request to result in an NPC successfully murdering the player.

- - - -

You can see Death here.

>test me

>[1] death, wait.
Death is unable to do that.

    *** The End ***
Minimal Source Text To Reproduce
Dream is a room.
Death is a man in the Dream.
Carry out an actor waiting:
	end the story.
Persuasion rule for asking someone to try waiting:
	persuasion succeeds.
Test me with "Death, wait."
Additional InformationACTIONS and RULES show the following:

    >death, wait
    [asking Death to try waiting]
    [Rule "Persuasion rule for asking someone to try waiting" applies.]
    [(1) Death waiting]
    [Rule "Carry out an actor waiting" applies.]
    [(1) Death waiting - ended without result]
    Death is unable to do that.
    [asking Death to try waiting - succeeded]

The "ended without result" part only appears if the rule ends the story.
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Effect(serious/mild) Game compiles but misbehaves
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graham (administrator)
2010-06-20 15:46

A curiosity, this one, but I think it must be right that the end of the story pre-empts any explanation about an action being incomplete. Fixed: the "unable to do that" message is now suppressed in such cases, and similarly if the story should end during the persuasion rules.

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