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0000244Documentation, Examples, and Web SiteExamplespublic2010-08-11 18:182010-10-29 09:23
Assigned Toemshort 
Platformx86OSMac OS XOS Version10.5
Product Version6E72 
Target VersionFixed in Version6F95 
Summary0000244: Various typos
DescriptionExample 2, Verbosity 1: ``suppply'' in `` it is also possible to suppply a different default'' should be ``supply.''

Example 61, Control Center: ``dispensor'' in ``...a toothpick dispensor, and a button labeled RESTART...'' should be ``dispenser.''

Example 112, A Day for Fresh Sushi: ``everying'' in ``...the faint smell of coffee that clings to everying'' should be ``everything.''

Example 112, A Day for Fresh Sushi: ``olefactory'' in ``Damn, I sure wish I had olefactory abilities'' should be ``olfactory.''

Example 195, Paddington: ``ie'' in ``This time we do not add the condition to the rule (ie, Report...'' should be ``i.e.''

Example 217, Dinner is Served: ``potates'' is used throughout, perhaps intentionally, though I expected ``potatoes.''

Example 355, Walls and Noses: ``challege'' in ``Our second challege was to...'' should be ``challenge.''

Example 372, Blankness: ``statusline'' in `` temporarily changing the statusline content'' should be ``status line,'' to match the rest of the documentation.

Example 419, The Facts Were These: ``threshhold'' in ``...their combined value passes a certain threshhold amount...'' should be ``threshold.''

Example 419, The Facts Were These: ``behevior'' in ``The correct place to attach this behevior...'' should be ``behavior.''
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EmacsUser (manager)
2010-08-26 13:08


Example 230, The Unexamined Life: ``require'' in ``The tomb require the pry bar'' should be ``requires.''
emshort (administrator)
2010-08-29 04:54

Fixed, except for Dinner is Served, which is intentional due to setting.

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