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0002133Core InformListspublic2020-05-31 20:212020-05-31 20:21
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Platformx86OSLinuxOS VersionAny
Product Version6M62 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0002133: "List of" text substitution prints nothing when multiple of an object-based kind meet description criteria
DescriptionThis is probably best described by the title and the example code itself.

In the example code, the "after waving hands" rule should print the same set of "thingies" (a kind of object) three times: first using a repeat through loop, second creating then saying a temporary list of thingies, third by asking for a list of thingies.

Importantly: All three versions are controlled by the identical description of values (based on a new relation).
Minimal Source Text To Reproduce
"Puzzling List"

A thingie is a kind of object.

[A thingie is a kind of thing.] [works as expected]
[A thingie is a kind of room.] [works as expected]
[A thingie is a kind of region.] [works as expected]
[A thingie is a kind of direction.] [explicitly disallowed per problem message]

Linking relates one thingie to various thingies. The verb to link means the linking relation.

Alpha is a thingie. [also note that issue does not appear when only one thingie is declared]

Beta is a thingie. [Alpha links beta.]

[also note that issue appears only if two or more thingies qualify for the description of values; uncomment 
"Alpha links beta." on previous line to observe]

Place is a room.

After waving hands:
	say "repeating through...[line break]-------------------------------[line break]";
	repeat with X running through thingies linked by nothing:
		showme X;
	say "[paragraph break]temporary list...[line break]-------------------------------[line break]";
let Z be the list of thingies linked by nothing;
	say "[Z]";
	say "[paragraph break]text substitution list...[line break]-------------------------------[line 
	say "[list of thingies linked by nothing]". [this line prints nothing if thingie is a kind 
of object]

test me with "wave".

Additional InformationAs far as I can tell, the problem behavior appears only if:

 1) The kind in question is based on the object kind.
 2) More than one instance of the kind qualifies for the description of values in question.

The example code provides some commented lines to simplify demonstrating the above.

This is being categorized under "Lists" but might be better placed under "Phrases and functional programming".
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Effect(serious/mild) Game compiles but misbehaves
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