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0002121Documentation, Examples, and Web SiteExamplespublic2020-04-19 09:132020-04-19 09:13
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PlatformmacintoshOSEl Capitan?OS Version10.14.11
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Summary0002121: example 406, "Feline Behavior, contains some misleading explanatory text
DescriptionAfter the source code for Example 406, there is this commentary:

>We include the if rule succeeded... condition here because nothing will be returned if the cat's search failed (as for instance in the result of the final rule).

>Naturally, if we wanted we could equally well ask "if rule failed...".

But there is no "if the rule succeeded..." condition in the source text of the example.
Minimal Source Text To Reproduce
[text of example]

 "Feline Behavior"
The Kitchen is a room. The cat is an animal in the Kitchen. In the Kitchen is a bowl, a ball of wool, 
a newspaper. The bowl contains a quantity of cream.
The cat is wearing a silver collar. The description of the cat is "It is wearing [a list of things 
worn by the cat]."
The player carries a closed openable container called a bag. The bag contains catnip.
The cat behavior rules is a rulebook producing an object.
A cat behavior rule when the cat can touch the catnip: 
    say "The cat frolics with the catnip until nothing remains of it."; 
    rule succeeds with result catnip.
A cat behavior rule when the cat can touch the cream: 
    say "The cat laps up the cream."; 
    rule succeeds with result cream.
A cat behavior rule when the cat can touch the ball of wool: 
    say "The cat makes the ball of wool into a useless tangle which must be discarded."; 
rule succeeds with result ball.
A cat behavior rule when the cat can touch the newspaper: 
    say "The cat bats playfully at the newspaper until all the nasty boring articles are destroyed."; 
rule succeeds with result newspaper.
A cat behavior rule: 
    say "The cat looks miffed at the lack of ready entertainment, and glares at you with yellow 
eyes as though wondering whether your pants leg is good for claw-sharpening."; 
    rule fails.
Every turn: 
    let the destroyed object be the object produced by the cat behavior rules; 
    if the destroyed object is not nothing: 
        now the destroyed object is nowhere; 
        say "[line break]Good thing you have no use for [the destroyed object] yourself.[paragraph 
Test me with "z / z / open bag / z / z".
Additional InformationI think that in a previous version, "if the destroyed object is not nothing" was probably "if the rule succeeded."
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