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0002084Core InformUnderstandingpublic2018-12-14 08:532018-12-14 08:53
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PlatformmacintoshOSEl CapitanOS Version10.11.6 or so
Product Version6M62 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0002084: understanding something by a thing-valued property yields a misleading error message
DescriptionWhen using Understanding as a property with a thing-valued property, Inform throws a compiler error that claims that the property is of a kind which can't be recognised in typed commands. Clearly, things can in general be recognized in typed commands.

This is surely intended behavior, as the error has a list of acceptable properties that does not include things (and allowing things would probably lead to nightmarish regresses if not infinite loops), but the error is a bit jarring, as things are not like snippets and rulebooks.
Minimal Source Text To Reproduce
Lab is a room.

A marker is a kind of thing. A marker has a thing called the markee.

Understand the markee property as referring to a marker.

The rock is a thing in the lab. The rockmarker is a marker in the Lab. The markee of the rockmarker is 
the rock.
Additional InformationError message: Problem. You wrote 'Understand the markee property as referring to a marker' : but that property is of a kind which I can't recognise in typed commands, so that it cannot be understand as describing or referring to something. I can understand either/or properties, properties with a limited list of named possible values, numbers, times of day, or units; but certain built-into-Inform kinds of value (like snippet or rulebook, for instance) I can't use.
 See the manual: 17.15 > 17.15. Understanding things by their properties
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Effect(cosmetic) Error message is badly worded
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