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0002066Core InformSpacing and printingpublic2018-07-27 10:202018-07-29 09:01
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Product Version6M62 
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Summary0002066: 'Sentence case' surprisingly de-capitalizes proper nouns
DescriptionFor Cragne Manor, we had the attached 'minimal source text'. What was supposed to happen was that you could either have:

"the insignia of the Backwater Public Library"


"The insignia of the Backwater Public Library".

However, the second turned into:

"The insignia of the backwater public library".

However! If you had the original as:

"The Insignia Of The Backwater Public Library"

you *would* want what you got as the 'sentence case' version of that sentence. Similarly, it behaves as expected for:


So! I propose that 'sentence case' does the following:
  * If every word in the original text has the same capitalization (all caps, initial caps, or no caps), that it change it to first-word-initial-caps, other-words-lower-case.
  * Otherwise, it changes it to first-word-initial-caps, other-words-original-caps.
Minimal Source Text To Reproduce
To say library insignia:
	say "the insignia of the Backwater Public Library[one of], two back-to-back crescent moons joined 
by an eye looking down at an open book[or][stopping]".

To say Library insignia:
	let the result be "[library insignia]" in sentence case;
	say the result.

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Effect(serious/mild) Game compiles but misbehaves
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zarf (developer)
2018-07-29 09:01

I agree that the original behavior was surprising, but I assert that the proposed behavior would be confusing and more surprising (a lot of the time).

There could be a new phrase which just applies sentence-case to the first word of the string and leaves the rest of it unchanged.

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