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0002061Core InformRelationspublic2018-06-24 14:232018-06-24 14:30
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PlatformOSXOSOSXOS Version10.11
Product Version6M62 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0002061: When declaring a thing with kind, relationships declared in sub-clause are reversed.
DescriptionAll the declarations in the minimal reproduction should be equivalent.

We declare Thing A without a kind, only a relationship.
We declare Thing B with a kind. Then we set the relationship in a new sentence.
We declare Thing C with a kind and relationship as sub-clause.

Grammatically I think Thing B and Thing C are equivalent.

When you run the source, you see that Thing C is also an "animal". e.g. Inform has determined that Mr Socks is owned by Thing C, and therefore the latter is an animal. Running `relations` confirms the mistake.
Minimal Source Text To Reproduce
Ownership relates various things to one animal.
The verb to be owned by means the ownership relation.

Thing A is owned by Mr Socks.
Thing B is a thing. It is owned by Mr Socks.
Thing C is a thing owned by Mr Socks.
[Thing C is a thing which is owned by Mr Socks.] [Alternate & equivalent phrasing for Thing C]

The Garden of Confusing Relationships is a room.
All the animals are in the garden.
Additional InformationIf you substitute a built-in relation, this works as expected, e.g.:

    Thing A is worn by Mr Socks.
    Thing B is a thing. It is worn by Mr Socks.
    Thing C is a thing worn by Mr Socks.

All the Things are now worn by Mr Socks and not the other way around.
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Effect(serious/mild) Game compiles but misbehaves
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hakim (reporter)
2018-06-24 14:30

Switching the relationship from M-1 to 1-M fixes it:

    Ownership relates one animal to various things.
    The verb to belong to means the reversed ownership relation.
    The verb to own means the ownership relation.

    Thing A is owned by Mr Socks.
    Thing B is a thing. It is owned by Mr Socks.
    Thing C is a thing which is owned by Mr Socks.

    [OR the following
    Thing A belongs to Mr Socks.
    Thing B is a thing. It belongs to Mr Socks.
    Thing C is a thing which belongs to Mr Socks. ]

This behaves as expected

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