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0002052I6 LibraryGeneralpublic2018-02-17 21:172018-04-16 01:31
Assigned ToDavidG 
Platformx86OSWindowsOS Version7
Product Version6/11 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0002052: Inform library calls "after" rule when a container is inserted in an unopened container
DescriptionGiven the following code snippet:
Object -> plain_bag "plain shopping bag"
with name 'plain' 'shopping' 'bag',
description "A plain shopping bag that can hold 2 things.",
      capacity 2,
      has ~open openable container;

Object -> jar "jar"
with name 'jar',
description "A jar.",
      capacity 2,
      after [;
        Open: print "You twist off the lid of the jar";
          if (children(self) == 0)
            ". The jar is empty.";
          print ", revealing ";
          WriteListFrom(child(self), ENGLISH_BIT);
          print_ret ".";
      has ~open openable container;

Object -> -> jam "jam"
with name 'jam',
      article "some",
description "Some jam.",
  has edible;

... the following output is produced:
This is a large country-style kitchen.

You can see a plain shopping bag (which is closed) and a jar (which is closed) here.

>open jar
You twist off the lid of the jar, revealing some jam.

>close jar
You close the jar.

>put jar in bag
(first taking the jar)
(first opening the plain shopping bag)
You twist off the lid of the jar, revealing some jam.
You put the jar into the plain shopping bag.

>x jar
A jar.


This is a large country-style kitchen.

You can see a plain shopping bag (in which is a jar (which is closed)) here.


When the jar was put in the shopping bag, the shopping bag needed to be opened, but the after rule for the jar was printed. As seen by looking afterwards, the jar did NOT open, but its after rule was run.
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jpavel (reporter)
2018-03-30 20:04

Looking at this message trace

> put jar in bag
[Moving jar to yourself]
(first taking the jar)
[ "country style kitchen".before() ]
[ "jar".before() ]
[ "plain shopping bag".before() ]
[ "country style kitchen".before() ]
[ "plain shopping bag".before() ]
[Giving plain shopping bag open]
(first opening the plain shopping bag)
[ "country style kitchen".after() ]
[ "jar".after() ]
You twist off the lid of the jar, revealing some jam.
[Moving jar to plain shopping bag]
[ "country style kitchen".after() ]
[ "jar".after() ]
[ "plain shopping bag".after() ]
You put the jar into the plain shopping bag.

We see that ImplicitOpen is calling after() on the wrong object (jar rather than bag).

ImplicitOpen calls AfterRoutines() after performing the <Open ...> action, but we see in AfterRoutines

   if (inp1 > 1 && RunRoutines(inp1, after)) rtrue;

that it checks inp1, which in this case is the jar, and runs its after routine.

I've only just begun looking at the library, so how to fix this safely, I don't know.

jpavel (reporter)
2018-03-30 20:14

I've tried replacing ImplicitOpen so that it sets inp1 to obj before calling AfterRoutines(), and it *seems* to work...

(see code below)

Replace ImplicitOpen; ! Before Include "VerbLib"

! ==========================
! and later on in your story

[ ImplicitOpen obj
    res temp temp2;
    if (obj has open) rfalse;
    res = CheckImplicitAction(##Open, obj);
    ! 0 = Open object, Tell the user (normal default)
    ! 1 = Open object, don't Tell
    ! 2 = don't Take object continue (default with no_implicit_actions)
    ! 3 = don't Take object, don't continue
    if (res >= 2) rtrue;
    if (obj has locked) rtrue;
    temp = keep_silent; keep_silent = 2; <Open obj, actor>; keep_silent = temp;
    if (obj hasnt open) rtrue;
    if (res == 0 && ~~keep_silent) L__M(##Open, 6, obj);
    temp = action; action = ##Open;
    temp2 = inp1; inp1 = obj;
    inp1 = temp2;
    action = temp;
DavidG (developer)
2018-04-02 06:42

Also reported at [^]
DavidG (developer)
2018-04-02 06:42

Fix applied in [^]

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