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0002041I6 LibraryGeneralpublic2017-11-30 15:192018-09-12 00:53
Assigned ToDavidG 
Platformx86OSWindowsOS Version7
Product Version6/11 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0002041: Extra space with default "no more room" message in a full container.
DescriptionWith Inform library v6.12.1 SD, an extra space is printed in the default "There is no more room in...." in between the words "There" and "is".

In the library source I have, this can be seen in english.h, lines 942-944, case 7 of the Insert: switch statement.

Transcript of game play below. Identical in Glulx and Zcode, of course.

* * *
From these simple beginnings, who knows what might develop?

Test Game
An Inform test game for testing buggy things.
Release 1 / Serial number 171130 / Inform v6.33 Library v6.12.1 SD

Beautiful Garden
An apple tree provides shade.

You can see a plain shopping bag (which is empty), a rock, a feather, a fork and a spoon here.

>get all
plain shopping bag: Taken.
rock: Taken.
feather: Taken.
fork: Taken.
spoon: Taken.

>put all in bag
spoon: Done.
fork: Done.
feather: There is no more room in the plain shopping bag.
rock: There is no more room in the plain shopping bag.

Minimal Source Text To Reproduce
Constant Story "Test Game";
Constant Headline "^An Inform test game for testing buggy things.^";

Include "Parser";
Include "VerbLib";

Object  garden "Beautiful Garden"
  with	description "An apple tree provides shade.",
  has   light;

Object  ->   "apple tree"
  with  name 'apple' 'tree' 'of' 'knowledge',
  has   scenery;

Object	->	plain_bag "plain shopping bag"
	with	name 'plain' 'shopping' 'bag',
			description "A plain shopping bag that can hold 2 things.",
      capacity 2,
      has open container;

Object -> "rock"
  with  name 'rock' 'boulder' 'stone',
        description "It's a rock.";

Object -> "feather"
  with  name 'feather',
        description "It's a feather.";

Object -> "fork"
  with  name 'fork',
        description "It's a fork.";

Object -> "spoon"
  with  name 'spoon',
        description "It's a spoon.";

[ Initialise;
    location = garden;
    lookmode = 2;                   !! Like the VERBOSE command
    print "^^From these simple beginnings, who knows what might develop?^^^";
    Banner(); return 2;

Include "Grammar";

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turthalion (reporter)
2017-11-30 15:35

The "Description" block on this website has "helpfully" edited out the double-space that shows up during gameplay (it was here when I pasted it in, gone once I hit submit).
FictitiousFrode (reporter)
2017-12-01 05:21

That's actually a feature of HTML where whitespace is condensed.
DavidG (developer)
2018-09-12 00:49

Cross-reported to [^]
DavidG (developer)
2018-09-12 00:52

Fixed in [^]

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