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0002024Core InformReleasing, bibliographic data, cBlorbpublic2017-07-31 17:322017-08-16 02:37
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Platformx86OSmacOSOS Version10.12.6
Product Version6M62 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0002024: Released stories are missing ZCOD chunk
DescriptionAttempting to play a generated/released game on a different interpreter reports that there's a missing ZCOD chunk (for the fizmo clients), or results in a UI that won't take input (Gargoyle and Zoom). The happens regardless of whether I'm targeting Glulx or ZCode.
Minimal Source Text To Reproduce
"Trivial" by Jared Reisinger

Example Location is a room. 
Additional InformationI have tried both the 6M62 release from the site, and also the "fixed Sierra" release from [^]

Running the story from within Inform (with "Go!") works just fine.

Running other games in the other interpreters works just fine. (So I surmise they aren't being afflicted by whatever it was that caused 6M62 to need an update.)

I have run other versions of Inform on other platforms, and everything has been fine... so this may be very specific to *this* version on *this* platform. (And it also means that I, personally, should be able to work around the problem by using said other machine to do my releases.)
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Effect(serious/mild) Game compiles but misbehaves
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JaredReisinger (reporter)
2017-07-31 17:35

Note that I can also reproduce the problem whether I create a blorb or not: .z8, .ulx, .zblorb, and .gblorb output *all* exhibit the same issues for me.
zarf (developer)
2017-07-31 21:29

Can you attach the .gblorb file generated when you do a release (with glulx+blorb)?
JaredReisinger (reporter)
2017-08-01 09:59

I'd be happy to, if you can let me know *how* to do so. I see the "Attached Files" section above, with a "Monitor" button, but nothing that would indicate how I could upload/attach a file. I tried to drag/drop, but that only resulted in my browser (Chrome on macOS) insta-downloading the file I dropped... basically redirecting it into my Downloads folder.

(If all else fails, I could gzip/base64 the thing... it's just under 300KB transformed that way.)
JaredReisinger (reporter)
2017-08-08 11:12
edited on: 2017-08-08 11:13

Next-best option... here's a link to the file:!AJBvB07UWf-XouBT [^]

I think this may be an interpreter problem... I can see that the gblorb has a GLUL chunk. (Not sure why the terp complains about ZCOD, as it is a Glulx variant.) I'll see if I can divine anything else... this gives me a good excuse to learn the details of the low-level format.

DavidK (developer)
2017-08-16 02:37

The linked Glulx file looks fine to me - on Windows, at least, it opens without problem with several Glulx interpreters and waits for input.

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