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0001419I6 LibraryGeneralpublic2014-09-13 19:182015-05-10 17:46
Assigned ToDavidG 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version6/12 
Target Version6/12Fixed in Version6/12 
Summary0001419: Player can PutOn or Insert an Object when before_implicit == 3
DescriptionFrom Auraes in [^]

Miscellany32 seems triggered when before_implicit == 3 or 'no_implicit_actions = true' (to object that “You aren’t holding that!”). When before_implicit == 2 and 'no_implicit_actions = false' (to proceed with the requested action without attempting the TAKE) LanguageLM ##Verb seems triggered. (Except for Insert & PutOn.)

I'm confused with no_implicit_actions and before_implicit 2 or 3. 'no_implicit_actions = true' seems equivalent to 'before_implicit 3'. With no_implicit_actions = true, before_implicit 2 is broken. Is it a choice? Maybe no_implicit_actions should not be equal to true or false but 2 or 3 to reproduce the behavior of before_implicit. Or not!?

Minimal Source Text To Reproduce
Include "parser.h";
Object  LibraryMessages !lm_n lm_o lm_s       
	before [; Miscellany: print "(", lm_n, ") "; ];
Include "verblib.h"; Include "grammar";

[ Initialise; location = theroom; ];

Object theroom "The Room"
	with description "This is just a plain room like any other.",
	has light;

Object -> Hat "hat"
	with name 'hat',
	before_implicit 3,
	has clothing;

Object -> ring "ring"
	with name 'ring',
	before_implicit 2,
	has clothing;

Object -> Table "table"
	with name 'table',
	has supporter;

Object -> box "box"
	with name 'box',
	has container open;

Object -> george "george"
	with name 'george',
	has animate proper;
Additional InformationRelease 1 / Serial number 140830 / Inform v6.33 Library 6/12-beta1 SD

The Room
This is just a plain room like any other.

You can see a hat, a ring, a table, a box (which is empty) and george here.

>wear hat
(32) You aren't holding that!

>wear ring
You're not holding that!

>put ring on table
(32) You aren't holding that! (In 6/11: You need to be holding the ring before you can put it on top of something else.)

>put hat on table
You put the hat on the table. (In 6/11: You need to be holding the hat before you can put it on top of something else.)
!Wrong, i don't have it
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DavidG (developer)
2014-09-13 19:25

WEAR HAT triggers Miscellany#32.
WEAR RING triggers Wear#2.
Responses are different. Perhaps they should be evened up.
DavidG (developer)
2014-09-13 19:28

First objective: Make sure the hat isn't automatically put on the table.
DavidG (developer)
2014-09-13 20:02

The showstopper aspect of this bug is fixed in [^]

There remains some unwanted behavior, which Auraes subtly points out. In 6/11, the library would reply with "You need to be holding the ring before you can put it on top of something else.". Currently the reply is Miscellany32, which is "You're not holding that!". I will open a new ticket for that.
jmcgrew (administrator)
2015-05-10 17:46

Closing all resolved issues from 2014 and earlier.

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