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0000886Core InformModel worldpublic2012-03-19 06:082014-05-07 07:33
David J Prokopetz 
(serious/mild) Game compiles but misbehaves
0000886: In-scope doors are always reachable for most actions, including entering.
An in-scope door that is not connected to the actor's location is treated as reachable for most actions. In addition, such doors can be entered.
The Red Room is a room.

The Green Room is a room. It is west of the Red Room.

The Wooden Door is a door. It is west of the Green Room and east of the Blue Room.

The Blue Room is a room.

The player is in the Red Room.

After deciding the scope for the player:
place the Wooden Door in scope;

Test me with "open door. close door. push door. enter door."
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has duplicate 0001163closed  Basic accessibility rule misbehaves for actions involving doors when the actor is a distant NPC 
related to 0001164closed graham NPCs cannot touch doors or their parts when on the other side of them from the player 
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2012-03-20 11:50   
Known, I think, but confirmed anyway.
David J Prokopetz   
2012-03-21 16:03   
I suspected it might be a known issue - I saw the note in the manual about the special handling of reachability for doors due to the locational ambiguity of floating objects. Still, it seems like an oversight in the Standard Rules, at the very least; unless I badly misunderstand the nature of the problem, it should be possible to have a Standard Rule that blocks an actor entering a door when the actor's location is neither the front side nor the back side of that door.
Ron Newcomb   
2012-03-21 18:44   
"it should be possible to have a Standard Rule that blocks an actor entering a door when the actor's location is neither the front side nor the back side of that door."

But if the author specifically wishes to allow the player to pull a door out of their pocket and enter it, Alice-in-Wonderland style, the author might write something like your scope rule.

I think the example here just lacks adding a rule of its own to the reachability rules (accessibility rules? I forget the name) rather than have the lockdown behavior as a default.
David J Prokopetz   
2012-03-21 21:52   
True, that's a possible use case - but is it sufficiently common to justify making doors the odd one out? For everything that's not a door, you have to both place it in scope and create a specific exception to make it reachable, but for doors (and apparently *only* doors), any in-scope entity is reachable unless you explicitly add a rule preventing it. What's the rationale for having doors in particular work that way?
2014-02-14 15:12   
Fixed. In fact quite a complicated combination of anomalies concerning two-sided doors, but fixed.