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0000885Core InformActivitiespublic2012-03-18 16:112014-05-07 07:34
(serious/mild) Game compiles but misbehaves
0000885: While <activity> a thing (called X) doesn't assign to X
If a rule has a while condition which refers to an activity on things and tries to call the object of said activity something, the name won't be assigned.

The attached example shows "nothing" instead of "yourself".
There is room.
Considering something is an activity on things.

After printing the name of something while considering a thing (called X):
Say paragraph break;
Showme X.
Before looking:
Begin the considering activity with the player;
If handling the considering activity with the player:
Say "Handling it!";
Say the player;
Say "Handled!";
End the considering activity with the player.
Please mark as related to bug 884.
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related to 0000884closed graham A while clause that specifies the basis of an activity compiles only for some kinds of bases 
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Yes, Inform just isn't able to do this, because of the way "a thing (called X)" is handled internally - it's in effect a closure. X could be created, but it would vanish again before it could be used. There's now a problem message explaining the limitation.