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(serious/mild) Game compiles but misbehaves
0000870: Directions for doors or rooms with entrances in different directions show in text replacements as the opposite of the other side
1. Place a door in two rooms, but providing different directions in each room.
  Ex. A door is north of room 1 and west in room 2.
2. Use some text substitution that includes the direction of the door.
3. Observe the resulting direction.
The resulting direction is always the opposite of the opposite side. For example, if standing in room 1 and obtaining a direction to room 2, the given direction will be "east" when it should be "north". In room 2, the given direction is "south" when it should be "west".
The direction of the door from the location should be the correct direction.
Test is a room. Other room is a room.

Arch is an open unopenable door. Arch is north of test and east of other room. Description of arch is "An arch to [the direction of item described from location]."

test me with "x arch / n / x arch / e".
This can be seen in chapter 16.10, example 295 "Misadventure" on the third command in "test me". (go to dark corridor//go to plover room, shows "heading southwest" when plover room is south of dark corridor)

The way around, when possible, is [opposite of the direction of the opposite side of the door from location].
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2012-02-27 10:06   
Confirmed, also with the example from WI 3.12:

- - - -
The red rock stair is a door.
The red rock stair is east of the Orchard and above the Undertomb.
When play begins:
showme the direction of the red rock stair from the Undertomb.
- - - -
2014-02-15 03:06