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(cosmetic) Error message is badly worded
0000867: Error message about a definition referencing a past-tense condition is misleading
The problem report claims that a past-tense condition referring to a temporary value is the problem. Thing is, there are no temporary values mentioned here.
There is room. Egg is here.

Definition: Egg is contaminated if it was held.
This is the report produced by Inform 7 (build 6G60) on its most recent run through:

Problem. You wrote 'Definition' : but conditions written in the past tense cannot refer to temporary values, because they have no past. For instance, the name given in a 'repeat...' can't be talked about as having existed before.
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2012-02-16 09:10   
In fact there is a temporary named value, ``it.'' Because Inform needs to be able to apply the definition of contaminated to other things, the attached source text is read as

- - - -
Definition: a thing is contaminated if it is the egg and it was held.
- - - -

But that's not necessarily obvious from the problem message.