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(serious/mild) Game compiles but misbehaves
0000076: Self-referential constant lists don't work in tables defining a kind of value
The output is:
Followers: , M: 3. Number of followers: -1

The number of 'followers' should be 2 and the entries should be
accessible to various operations such as "let candidates be followers
corresponding to a subject of .... in the Table of TestSubjects"
Subject is a kind of value. The subjects are defined by the Table of

Table of TestSubjects
Subject Followers Mass
subjA {subjA, subjB} 3
subjB {subjB} 5

Testlab is a room.
When play begins, say "Followers: [Followers of subjA], M: [mass of
subjA]. Number of followers: [number of entries of followers of
In the previous build, submitter used a conversation system based on a table defined in this fashion:

Subject is a kind of value. The subjects are defined by the Table of
Existing Subjects.

Table of Existing Subjects
Subject Subject Title Followers Quip Availability Discussed
n "n" {n} "none" true true

With 6E59, submitter was unable to come up with a syntax to interact with the 'Followers' lists defined for the Subject values at all.
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2010-06-20 00:44   
The code above doesn't seem to work in 5Z71 either.
2010-06-20 15:33   
In fact the self-reference wasn't the problem here, tricky as it looks; it was to do with how Inform handles literal list constants. These require adaptation from their compiled state to their dynamic state, and Inform was performing this adaptation twice on the entries in the "followers" column - once because it knew they were list constants in a table column; once because it knew they were list constants in a property value. The second and redundant adaptation process corrupted the data and resulted in an empty list. Fixed.