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(serious/mild) Game compiles but misbehaves
0000756: "Player consents" does not update the status line under Glulx
If something happens that should affect the status line (such as moving the player), and then "if player consents" is invoked, the status line is out of date during the yes-or-no prompt.

The Z-code branch of YesOrNo() invokes DrawStatusLine (as long as the player has a location -- this is probably a guard against beginning-of-play questions). The Glulx branch fails to do this, so the status line stays unchanged. (Note that you can force a status line redraw by resizing the window.)

(I'm forking this off of [^] because I'm pushy, and because it was probably my mistake way back when I did the Glulx I6 libraries.)
The Kitchen is a room.
The Bathroom is west of the Kitchen.

Instead of jumping:
now the player is in the Bathroom;
say "Do you like that? ";
if the player consents:
say "Yes."
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Confirmed. Sorry, I probably should have split this off myself.
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It now updates on both platforms.