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0000745Core InformUnderstandingpublic2011-09-13 09:152014-05-07 07:33
x86Mac OS X10.5
(mild) Compiler accepts invalid code
0000745: Understand "two words" as something new compiles, though it doesn't do anything.
The command:

Understand "foo" as something new.

only works when "foo" is a single word. But the compiler accepts it even when it's two words, even though it doesn't do anything.
Bedroom is a room. The bed is an enterable supporter in Bedroom. The player is on bed. Understand the command "get up" as something new. Test me with "get up".
See [^]

This is distinct from the case where you type

Understand "xplizs" as something new.

which (as explained in 16.3) does nothing, but would do something if an extension defined "xpilzs" as a command. In this case, the understand... as something new command can never do anything, and should be rejected.
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