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0000068: Syntax boxes for functional phrases (with "->") are formatted incorrectly
Section 21.3 includes these lines:

(phrase (value, value) -> value) applied to (value) and (value) ... value
(phrase (value, value, value) -> value) applied to (value) and (value) and (value) ... value
apply (phrase (value, value) -> nothing) to (value) and (value)
apply (phrase (value, value, value) -> nothing) to (value) and (value) and (value)

I believe only the words "applied to", "apply", "to", and "and" are meant to be bold, but "value", "nothing", and punctuation marks are also bold in some cases.
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2010-06-18 17:41   
(edited on: 2010-06-18 17:47)
Confirmed. The HTML in question appears below.

(phrase (value, value) -> value) applied to (value) and (value) ... value

Mantis is giving me trouble showing it in source form (even double escaped), so here it is with [ and ] representing angle brackets:

[b][/b](phrase (value, value)[b] -> value) applied to [/b](value)[b] and [/b](value)[b][/b] ... [i]value[/i]

2010-06-20 08:52   
Fixed. A bug in indoc; notoriously, one cannot match balanced parentheses with a regular expression, but I was trying to anyway.