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0000659Windows Inform application[IDEs] Installing Extensionspublic2011-05-17 16:442014-05-07 07:41
0000659: Extension list limits
It seems there is a limit to what can be seen in the "Open Extension" list. I have hit that limit many times, and had to remove extensions just so I can see the ones I use towards the bottom of the list. Yes, I read all of the ones I use. I am strange that way.

I tried loading the Blue Lacuna extensions, and lost three authors from the bottom of the list. And one of them was me! (I write my own for my use... I have thought of submitting them, but am waiting till I test them more).

It is not a huge problem, but has added some inconvenience when I realize I can not read an extension that is further down on the "Open Extension" list. I am at the limit now, so with every new extension I want to see/use, I have to remove one that is already installed.

According to Windows, there are currently 184 files in my extension folder. I am guessing all (or at least most) of them are extensions.
Add multiple extensions. Keep adding until the ones further down the list are not visible in the "Open Extension" list.
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2011-05-19 12:49   
Confirmed; the menu seems to show the first 200.
2011-05-31 10:15   
I've made the simplest fix possible for this: I've raised the maximum number of extension menu items from 200 to 1000. If you've got more than 1000 you should really get rid of a few :-)