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0000553Core InformSource text and punctuationpublic2011-02-12 06:192014-05-07 07:34
(serious/mild) Game compiles but misbehaves
0000553: Apostrophe in story headline
We can't print an apostrophe in the story headline. If we use ', there is " in the game. And if we use ['], there is this error message : [** Programming error: tried to print (string) on something not a string **]
The story headline is "L'épopée d'une abeille rouillée".
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related to 0000058closed graham Leading/trailing apostrophes can't be used in story title 
has duplicate 0000652closed jmcgrew Substitutions in the story headline cause I6 runtime errors 
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2011-10-15 06:00   
There were actually two bugs here: first, it failed to recognise é as a letter, which ought to have made the apostrophe automatically come out right; and secondly, the explicit use of ['] failed. I've fixed both.