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0000502Core InformIndexingpublic2011-01-10 11:312014-05-07 07:34
(cosmetic) Index is created incorrectly
0000502: world index does not list backdrops in their respective locations
In previous versions of Inform (at least as far as 6E72), backdrops were listed in the index map in each room they were present in. (That is, backdrops that were explicitly placed in specific rooms in a declarative statement.)

Build 6G60 now lists backdrops as "offstage," even if they are explicitly placed in a specific room when they are created.

The sample code below compiles in 6E72 and 6G60. In 6E72, the formica countertop is listed twice in the index map -- once in the Kitchen, once in the Bathroom. In 6G60, the index map lists the countertops as offstage.

Kitchen is a room. Bathroom is a room.

The formica countertop is a backdrop, in the Kitchen and Bathroom.
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2011-10-15 05:35   
Yes, this wasn't a rethink: it was just a bug (a one-character typo in the code, in fact). Fixed.