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0000500Core InformRules and rulebookspublic2011-01-09 17:102014-05-07 07:35
Ron Newcomb 
PPCMac OS X10.4
(serious) Compiler rejects valid code
0000500: A rule has "when" in its name, causing spurious syntax errors.
The "can't exit when not inside anything rule" cannot be named in rule headers due to Inform interpreting "when" differently. Recommend rule be renamed to the "can't exit what's not enclosing rule" to match the naming pattern set by many other rules.
There is room.

The of course rules are a rule based rulebook.

Of course for the can't give to yourself rule: rule succeeds.
Of course for the can't wear what's already worn rule: rule succeeds.
Of course for the can't remove what's not inside rule: rule succeeds.
Of course for the can't exit when not inside anything rule: rule succeeds.

Problem. You wrote 'Of course for the can't exit when not inside anything rule' , but the description of the thing(s) to which the rule applies ('the can't exit') did not make sense. This is a rule based rulebook, so that should have described a rule.
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Ron Newcomb   
2011-01-09 17:11   
500th bug! :-P
2014-01-19 11:27   
Inform is now able to resolve this one.