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Victor Gijsbers 
0000499: Section 25.21 should say something about how to declare new I6 variables
The current manual says:

[W]e can instead tell Inform to use an existing I6 variable (either one that we declare ourselves, or one in the I6 template layer). For example: [...] The current room description style variable translates into I6 as "lookmode".

Here, the example is one where we use a variable in the I6 template layer. Any user trying to declare his own variable using the syntax gleaned from the previous sections (25.18, for instance) will find that

Include (- Global my_variable = 0; -)

gives compilation errors (if the variable is called anywhere in the program). The correct syntax for setting up one's own I6 variable is:

Include (- Global my_variable = 0; -) after "Definitions.i6t".

I think the documentation would be improved by mentioning this in section 25.21.
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Ron Newcomb   
2011-01-09 17:13   
For that matter, without the [after "Definitions.i6t".] bit, where does it go? Perhaps [after "Definitions.i6t".] should be the default? (Or would that break some other common thing?)