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0000489Core InformUnderstandingpublic2010-12-30 07:462014-05-07 07:33
x86Mac OS X10.6
(serious/mild) Game compiles but misbehaves
0000489: Certain forms of author-defined KOVs fail to parse in player input
Author-defined KOVs can have optional prefixes, e.g. the minus sign indicating a negative number:

   A real number is a kind of value. -999999.9999 specifies a real number with parts whole and fractional.

The I7 compiler understands both positive and negative forms perfectly well, but Inform is not capable of understanding the negative form in player input.
Test is a room.

A real number is a kind of value. -999999.9999 specifies a real number with parts whole and fractional.

The element-selection set is a list of numbers variable. The element-selection set is {1}.

Scaling elements is an action applying to one real number. Understand "scale [real number]" as scaling elements.

Carry out scaling elements:
say "Scaled to [real number understood]!"

Test me with "scale 0.8000 / scale -0.8000"

[Included to indicate that the compiler can properly understand and print negative real number:]
When play begins:
let N be -1.9000;
say "A real number: [N] !"
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2010-12-31 06:35   
Confirmed. The GPR contains this line:

- - - -
if (cur_addr->wpos == '-') jump Failed_LP_0;
- - - -
2014-02-16 08:14