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0000446Core InformTablespublic2010-11-30 08:162014-05-07 07:35
x86Mac OS X10.6
(serious) Compiler rejects valid code
0000446: Inform rejects kinds other than object, number, text, and indexed text in parenthetical table column typing
If you attempt to use a kind (other than object, number, text, and indexed text) parenthetically in a table column name, Inform rejects the attempt to type with this message:

"Brackets are only allowed in table column names when giving the kind of value which will be stored in the column. So 'poems (indexed text)' is legal, but not 'poems (chiefly lyrical)'."

Possibly this kind of typing is not allowed, but Table of Testing One shows that typing in the same way on a separate header line is accepted (but see report 0000444--this does not act as expected). More to the point, Inform *will* infer the type of the column as "person" if no attempt at explicit typing is made. (Again, see report 0000444.)
Test is a room. There is a pen in Test.

Table of Testing One
a person

Table of Testing Two
subject_ (a person)
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related to 0000444closed graham Inform ignores explicit typing for table columns 
has duplicate 0000572closed  A blank table with parenthetical kind definitions next to column titles for non-numeric, non-text kinds won't compile 
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Ron Newcomb   
2010-11-30 10:21   
Possibly related:

I submitted a bug report (long before Mantis existed) that when type was inferred from Bob, the column was set to type Man rather than Person. (Likewise for Janet: Woman rather than Person.) Since a person is almost always one or the other, a special case was added to infer Person rather than Man/Woman.
2011-06-30 15:39   
Adjusted the summary and description to incorporate information from 0000572.
2011-10-22 08:40   
Fixed. The list of possibilities it accepted was actually broader than that, but you can now use any named kind here.