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0000432Core InformModel worldpublic2010-11-21 08:262011-01-10 11:15
(cosmetic) Error message is badly worded
0000432: "3-sided door" problem message does not provide source code link
Inform now generates a problem message if you try to create a door with more than two "sides". However, the message does not include any link to the source code.

Possibly this is intentional, because the compiler can't know which assertion about the door's exits is the extraneous one? If that is the case, then I would suggest that a link to the assertion that created the door would be the most helpful.
Indoors is a room. Outdoors is a room.

The screen door is a door. It is north of Indoors, south of Outdoors.

Outside from indoors is the screen door.
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2010-11-21 15:36   
The problem message now supplies links to all three map connections; the author can then choose which one to strike out.