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(mild) Compiler accepts invalid code
0000041: Relations of values which involve a property don't work
The source text results in a run-time error:

*** Run-time problem P18: Tried to access property for a value
which didn't fit: if this were a number it would be 0.
Home is a room.

Partnership relates one number to another (called the partner). The
verb to be partnered with implies the partnership relation.

5 is partnered with 7.

When play begins: showme the partner of 7.
Numbers can't normally have properties, so cases like these might
need special treatment.
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2010-06-18 01:34   
Confirmed. I believe this is a case of "compiler accepts invalid code", since it attempts to create a "partner" property for a kind of value that is not allowed to have properties.

"the number that relates to 7 by the partnership relation" works here instead, although it's read-only.
2010-06-20 05:11   
Fixed. This now produces a more useful compile-time problem message.