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(cosmetic) Error message is badly worded
0000390: Misleading error when giving properties to an action name (and some other types)
The code below gives this error:

Problem. You wrote 'An action name has a number called difficulty' : but this is a kind of value which is not allowed to have properties of its own, because this would be impossible to store in any sensible way. For instance, 'A scene has a number called difficulty.' is fine because there are not many scenes and I know them all, but 'A number has a text called French translation.' is not allowed, because storing something for every possible number takes an impossible amount of space. (See the Kinds index for which kinds can have properties.)

The Kinds index does say these types can't have properties, but "impossible to store in any sensible way" isn't quite true. Built-in enumerated types like action name and use option don't have substantially different storage requirements from user-defined kinds of value.
Dojo is a room. An action name has a number called difficulty.
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Very well. A different excuse is now given, but the answer is still "no".